About Iconic Threads

By Matthew Smith

Iconic Threads: Rockstar Apparel

Iconic Threads started out in 2014 as a retail store in Maumee, OH. Our goal was to provide "rocker chic" fashion apparel to our customers. The idea came from the question: "What would a top shelf rockstar look like if you saw them on the street?" 

Many of the brands we carried were worn by some big name musicians. Some brands were actually designed and created by these rockers. This is why we decided to become Iconic Threads: Rockstar Apparel.

In 2015 we opened our website which was met with success. We decided it was more efficient for the business to become an online boutique exclusively and so we closed the brick & mortar location. About a year later our personal lives became hectic and we had to take a break from the business in it's entirety. 

Fast forward five years to 2021... we made the decision to bring Iconic Threads back to life. This time however, instead of selling OTHER brands we are focusing on building our OWN brand.

Today, Iconic Threads focuses on custom apparel design and printing geared towards those who want to show off their individuality. Along with our house designs offered in our shop, we also create one of a kind unique pieces so that you can go out there knowing that you are wearing your own 100% exclusive style.

Iconic Threads also designs and creates shirts for bands. One band you can check out is called Dead Echoes who have a modern rock sound and are straight out of Toledo, OH.

We hope you give us a chance to serve you and help bring out your inner rockstar!




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