5 Hottest Summer Hair Trends for 2022

By Jessica Gurzynski

5 Hottest Summer Hair Trends for 2022

Given that summer is just around the corner, you ladies may be asking yourselves, "What do I do with my hair?!". The last trends have been around for quite some time, and we are starting to see a shift!

Let's dive in and see what is coming in 2022.




1. Natural Sunkissed

 It seems to be that many of the hottest artists are showing off their natural selves. Ditching those money pieces and E-girl bleached bangs. The Sunkissed style gives a very low maintenance feel and warms up the hair tones for that summer sun to shine off of. So, when you go into your salon this spring, make sure to have your stylist pick tones that are going to complement your skin tone.




2. Bob/Midi Bob

That's right! It looks like shorter is better! Lucky for many of you who got the infamous long shag or "octopus" cut, you're already sitting pretty close to this style. We have seen that this short choppy style gives off an easy, quick go-to hairstyle. Beautiful thing about that is the bangs. Speaking of which, we get into next. Let's check it out!




3. Curtain Bangs/Side Swept Bangs

Don't panic! If you just so happened to cut your bangs, you are in luck! Curtain bangs look to be sticking around through the spring and transitioning into a side swept type of bang. There is a strong feeling that this winter into next year, we will be seeing a lot of long bangs/no bang hair styles like this one:


With this in mind, maybe think twice before getting some new bangs.




4. Crimp Messy Waves

Let's face it, summer means plans, and plans mean, less time for things. One less thing that you'll be spending time on is your hair! This crimped messy wave is slowly making a comeback and we can see why. It's easy! Some of you may have the crimp curler, but this look can be recreated by braiding wet hair at night and being ready to go the next day with a little bit of product. The best way to finish off a hairstyle is with a little help! Which we get into next.




5. Accessories



The biggest thing coming in this summer is very boho vibes. Satin and silk bandanas and headwraps will be your friend. So many ways to wear them and super easy to wear. So, if you are keeping your hair up or just out of your face, they do the job! Shifting away from the bulky scrunchies into this look will give a change from the 90s era into a 70s vintage vibe. This type of hair accessory gives a lot of flexibility for short and long hair.

Also, when not in use can be tied around the wrist or on a belt loop for a staple accent accessory for your outfit. Get creative!


Coming into this new season, this is a great way to refresh how you feel and kick those winter blues. Need a healthy way to raise your serotonin levels? Self-care is a great way to show yourself some love and make yourself feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 


If you want to learn more about self-care and ways to raise brain chemical levels, stay tuned for future blog posts!

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